One this week's show Sam Mulberry (@CWCRadio) and Annie Berglund (@Annie_Berglund) dive into Annie's most recent Google searches.


This week the 252 crew is joined by Sara Shady to talk about racing sports like Indy Car and horseracing.

@Annie_Berglund and @CWCRadio (Sam Mulberry) discuss a photo - which may or may not have been staged - of 5 year old Annie and her siblings.

Chris Gerhz, Chris Moore, and Sam Mulberry start out by talking about the Final Four and the role of officiating and then are joined by Bethel Head Women's Volleyball Coach and Associate Athletic Director Gretchen Hunt and Bethel Men's Assistant Basketball Coach Alisha Hvistendahl.

Annie Berglund (@Annie_Berglund) and Sam Mulberry (@cwcradio) talk about what you find when you break into her husband's truck.

Chris Gehrz, Chris Moore, and Sam Mulberry start the show by talking about the NCAA Final Four and then get into a discussion about the Mount Rushmore of Sports Movies.

Sam Mulberry (@CWCRadio) and Annie Berglund (@Annie_Berglund) talk about a visual twee of the week -- a mildly disturbing piece of emotional blackmail from 10 year old Annie.  You have to go to twitter and follow @Annie_Berglund to see the pics!

On this week's 252, Chris Gehrz, Chris Moore, and Sam Mulberry are joined by siblings Jana Roste (softball) and Jaran Roste (football) to talk about the life and experiences of student athletes.

Much of what college professors do remains hidden from the view of the larger public, leading to misunderstanding and detachment. At this Not Ready for Primetime presentation, find out what two professors are doing to combat this. History Department faculty Chris Gehrz and Sam Mulberry will explain how they use blogs, podcasts, and other media not only to share their work with wider audiences, but to "think in public" about teaching, scholarship, and the integration of faith and learning.

Chris, Andy, and Mitchell talk about the Attorney General Barr's statement on the Mueller report and what this might mean going forward.

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